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װ. CuTe LoVe PoEmS װ.

I looked at him for the first time, and not noticing I would fall in love with him I looked away.
I now sit at home only thinking about him.
Why is it that I can't let him go?
I know realize he is never coming back, and begin to cry.
He was my first, my first at so many things.
But the one thing I will always remember, is
that he was my first "True Love."
I did things not thinking of the outcome, and now I am left home all alone.
I just can't let him go.
Why is it that he can act like nothing is wrong, and say "I Love You?"
Does it even mean anything?
If he read this, would he show this to all of his friends?
I just don't know anymore!
All I know is that I love a guy.
And for that reason......
"I Can't Let Him Go"
Deticated to Paul Mercadal
If I could have my dreams come true
These are the things I'd like to do.
To have a cabin deep in the woods,
And someone to share both the bad and the good.

We'd lie by the fireplace,forever it seems,
And share with each other our future of dreams.
As we tire of talking,we'd snuggle up close,
These are the times, I'd cherish the most.

The times when I feel so close to someone,
Who gives me such pleasure and so much fun.
Who isn't afraid of what the future may bring,
And share so much love, that our hearts sing.

Sometimes I wonder will my dreams come true?
And I ask myself, could it be with you?
I don't have the answer, atleast not to share,
I'm afraid if I share them, you wouldn't care.

So, until the time comes, when the timing is right,
I'll cherish our time everyday and night.
And if in the future, our dreams become one,
Then I'll know that my dreams has only begun.

To have you beside me, through the rough seas and good,
I know we'd make magic, I'm sure that we could.
For you are my soul mate, I believe in my heart,
And to get to our dreams, we must first make a start.

So, please take my hand, and don't be afraid,
I believe that together, our cabin will be made.
I'll never doubt my feelings for you,
And if you return them, all our dreams can come true.

I wanted to love you,
But I was just too scared.
Haunted by the past,
That always seemed to reappear.

I tried my best to run and hide,
But I just couldn't get you off my mind.
Should I give love a second chance?
Or am I just wasting my time?

You promised you were different,
But so did the rest.
Then you looked into my eyes,
And I knew you had passed the test.

So I took a chance,
and fell deeply in love.
Maybe this is what I've been looking for,
That special kind of love from above.

God, how can this be true?
Everything is happening so fast.
But something keeps telling me,
I've found true love at last.

"The Night"
With a call,
and a talk.
We just meet up at the mall.
The movie was great,
you looked good.
I knew this was a great date,
go out again, we should.
When I told you "I love you"
I really meant it.
But we're still not together,
I just don't get it.
when that moment came,
and i gave you a kiss.
I couldnt help but to,
be filled with bliss.
I will always be there,
through thick and thin.
For life's a winding bottle,
let us spin.

I dream of a beauty, so fair and so sweet
Wishing someday this love I could meet
Waking up empty in the morning light
Waiting to return to her every night

My dreams take me to a fantasy too real
Her beauty and love I can touch and can feel
My desire and hope flows without warning
But only to be awoken again the next morning

I wait to be reunited, I wait to dream once more
To travel to my fantasy and open up that magic door
And go back to my love, for eternal delight
The one that I dream of, during the night

She is straight from my dream, it seems so unreal
And I know that the feelings that I feel are real
I place this special someone in my heart
And keep her there, so we are never apart

The only thing
That I want from you
Is your love
Devotion so true

I only want you
To smile at me
Give me a second
Just a time for me

I just want a friend
Someone I can talk to
A dear companion
That my soul can relate to

I only want a chance
A chance for your heart
A heart so big
From a person so smart

I know that it?s hard
To love a person like me
But just let me show you
That this feeling is real

Who listened all those times, when you were feeling low?
Who sat beside you in rough times and helped you where to go?
Who cried when you cried, and helped away the tears?
Who tried to stay next to you, and help you with your fears?
Did you forget, That I gave you my heart?
After you left, My whole world came apart.
Did you forget, all those nights we had?
And all those times you said you loved me, now it makes me sad.
Did you forget, when you called I was there?
I always helped, when you were in despare.
Well I remember all those times I made sure you were ok.
Cause if I get to see you smile once, it will be a better day.
You are now gone, but the memories still last.
It is hard to put the ones away with love, thats in the past.
But you can still call, I will still be there.
It will still be like before, I will always care.
And remember it wise, or you will regret.
Because I will always be there for you, or did you forget?

I'd never dreamed in a million years it'd be,
just us two, yes, you and me,
I've known you long, and I was afraid to get together,
I'm just afraid clear skys will turn to bad weather.
but it happened, finally my dreams came true,
its just I love so much, I loving you,
even though my feelings are spurt,
I'm still afraid to get hurt.
I can't emagine, us apart,
to know it will happen one day, just breaks my heart,
but lets not think of that, focus on today,
I will always be here for you, and my love will stay.
to this day,
I've never met a girl like you,
that puts me in a world like you do,
that, makes me happy, filled with joy,
i smile,
even though I don't see you often, its worth the while.
never I thought I would be like this,
to be a guy, who waits for your kiss,
I'd thought I'd never give up time for a girl like you,
but right now my mind is set on you.
and I can take the time to say
I love you.
will I stop loving you.

She couldn't stand the silence,
She couldn't stand the tears,
She couldn't stand her life,
After only sixteen years.

He was her entire world,
She gave him all she possessed,
He did the same in return,
They were thought to be obsessed.

Their love couldn't be reached,
Couldn't be touched by any other,
They were all they needed,
They only wanted each other.

From two they became one,
They made each other whole,
They filled each other's voids,
They filled each other's souls.

Everything was perfect,
Everything was great,
Till one damning day,
They were told they'd have to wait.

Her parents were moving her,
To a distant place,
They'd be torn apart,
Couldn't see each other's face.

They swore they'd make it work,
Vowed to stay together,
Didn't care about the distance,
They'd be together forever.

She gave it all she had,
She did her very best,
But he still slipped away,
He didn't pass the test.

While she was thinking of him,
He had found another,
He said he couldn't do it,
He talked it over with his mother.

She was devastated,
Her heart was torn straight out,
She'd been such a fool,
She should have listened to her doubt.

From then on they stopped talking,
Never spoke again,
While he was with his new girl,
She was dreaming of him.

Every day she'd cry,
She tried to fight off all the pain,
But the hurting never stopped,
Just shot through every vein.

Months went by since the ending,
But she only grew worse,
She couldn't accept what happened,
This was love's curse.

It finally overtook her,
She couldn't stand it anymore,
She grabbed a picture of him,
And snuck out the front door.

She walked into the woods,
Found a secluded place,
Kept thinking of the past,
And how she'd been replaced.

Hours later she was found,
In a pool of her blood,
And beside her they found,
His picture in the mud.

On the back read her reason,
Why she took her life,
What he did to her,
It seemed he had held the knife.

Though physically he didn't kill her,
He tore her soul apart,
It was obvious how she did,
It was from a broken heart.

Everyday I wish you were here with me.
It hurts that you can't be.
If I could turn back the hands of time,
you'll still be mine.

Everyday I wish I could have known you better,
so I cherish the time we had together,
instead of thinking of you been gone,
while I'm here all alone.

Everyday I wish I could call you,
So that I could have someone to talk to,
But someone took you away from me
and all

 sometimes feel my heart will burst
from wanting you so much,
I cant explain in words of how
i long to feel your touch.

There is no way i can convey,
this emptiness inside
that seems to tear my soul to shreds
as time goes swiftly by.

If i could merely hold you near,
for just a little while
if i could simply talk with you
or only see you smile.

To have you look into my eyes
and want to hear you say
something that would help
take all the pain away.

If i have to wait forever,
i guess thats what i'll do,
for me it will be worth it,
to finally be with you..

I remember the way it used to be...
Just you and I holding each other closely...

I remember my head lying on your chest...
I tell myself those times were the best...

I remember the sound of your beating heart..
I don't know why we had to be apart...

I remember it's hard loving someone-
Who doesn't love or care for me...
Why can't you open your eyes... and see me..

I remember the first time-
you giggled when I touched your chest...
Your first kiss was so sweet- the very best.

I remember your brown eyes- so cute so sweet
You kissed my lips-& picked me off my feet.

I remember you holding me- telling me u care
Now that we are over- It's just not fair...

I remember.....

What I have to say is straight from the heart
You may not have known it yet
But i have loved you from the start
From the moment our eyes first met
I wanted to get to know you
Please believe everything I say
These feelings are so true
I hope you feel the same way
It's time to make it official
Let's be together
I don't know how far we'll go
But I hope it last forever

Is it normal to get stressed
when you're not around
Is it normal to live
on the love that I've found
Is it normal to think
about nothing but you
Is it normal to cry
when I have nothing to do
Is it normal to lie wide awake
in your bed and think
Is it normal to let your emotions
fill up to the brink
Is it normal to be so focused
on only one girl
Is it normal to give up
everything else in the world
Is it normal to write
a poem about your lover
Is it normal to know
you love her and none other
Is it normal to have
your entire life already planned
Is it normal to get
everything that you demand
Is it normal to confess your love
after a short period of time
Is it normal to feel safe
in the knowledge that you are mine
Is it normal to want to hold you
in my arms forever
Is it normal to think
that things cannot get any better
Is it normal to try
for what is so forbidden
Is it normal to think
our love could ever be hidden
Is it normal to be so young
and be so in love
Is it normal to have god
send an angel from up above
Is it normal to understand
another and them understand you
Is it normal to witness two people
the first time they say I love you

Something wild and free
Crazy and brand new
Spending time with friends
But at the same time being with you

We're the best of friends
But deeper in my eyes
Where ever your around
My heart no longer crys

Always being upset
Or forever in a fight
Thats not a relashionship
None of that is right

Everyday saying I'm sorry
For something I've said or done
All of a sudden it turned serious
I'm no longer having fun

But when I'm with you

Being with you
Just being by your side
I can let the tears fall
They no longer have to hide

Your suppose to be a friend
Some one I can turn too
Even though I'm wanting
To tell you I love you!

You always said how much you loved me
And I was so stupid to believe in you
?Cos you broke my heart so many times
with all the pain that you put me through

Sometimes I would want you to be near
Those were the times you were never there
I never really expected too much from you
I just wanted a bit of tender love and care

I was told by so many of my friends
They had seen you with someone else
I thought they just wanted us apart
I told my self they probably jealous

Once you left me for another girl
She lured you in with all her charms
I waited for you to see the mistake
And I welcomed you back with open arms

I saw you flirting with one other girl
You dined that it could ever be true
I gave you the benefit of the doubt
Cos I was so tired of not trusting you

But one day you pushed the limits
When I saw you with my best friend
It was the day that I let go of you
The day I put this crap to an end

You told me how much you missed me
You said you realized you love me more
You said you only want to be with me
But I have herd all that bullshit before

You thought I could never let you go
But now you have no control over me
I?ve opened the lock around my heart
Let all my old feelings for you go free

The reason I kept going after you
Was cos you made me feel so alive
And with out you as my boyfriend
I never thought I could ever survive

Now I?m doing so well with out you
I am so glad that I chose not to stay
And now there?s sadness in your eyes
Because I was the one that got away

Sometimes a lie is better
sometimes it's good to hide
so I don't think I'll let her
see what I feel inside

Sometimes I feel all rotten
sometimes I feel sick
And how far I'd have gotten
if i knew what made you tick

Sometimes I feel insane
Sometimes I feel depressed
I've got this pain
Thats in the right of my chest

Sometimes I feel locked up
Sometimes I feel crazy
Sometimes I wish i would speak up
Even that would amaze me

Sometimes I wish i could get away
Sometimes I wish i could be free
The sight of you everyday
makes me wonder why you can't see me

Sometimes you make me wonder
Sometimes you make me sad
But when I see your splendor
The world doesnt look as bad

Sometimes you make me wanna weep
Sometimes you make me wanna cry
Sometimes I just cannot sleep
And your the reason why

Give me your heart so my true love can show
I promise I?ll cherish it I?ll treat it like gold
Don?t be afraid for it being torn
Your heart was mine since the day you were born
It might have been broken before in the past
we can put it together our love will make it last
So give me your heart, your heart to take
Baby don?t worry this is no mistake
Your heart is mine and mine is yours
So lets not waste time, please open the door
lets think about the future and lets forget the past
We must not think slow, we must think fast
Life is to short with out love is to long
Lets be together, lets love each other, that where we belong
I?m not just another, I?m the one
Your destined lover
Your heart belongs to no other
But me
Separated were prisoners but together we are free

Dreaming about you and me,
waking up and knowing itll never be.
You are always in my dreams,
I dont know why, or what it means.
My dreams are filled with thoughts of you,
Us together, someday two. 

Everytime i see you
i get this feeling down my spine
Thinking to myself
How you became mine

And then i look up and thank god
for what hes done
Knowing in my heart
that you are the one

Everytime we kiss
and everytime we touch
It reminds me why
i love you so much

Its the way you make me feel
When you hold me so tight
And how you rap your legs around me
When were laying together at night

Its how you say i love you
And how it makes me feel
Knowing in my heart
that what you say is real

Two years ago
you came into my life
With me not even knowing
That one day you would be my wife

But thinking back now
i should have known you were the one
It was the feelings i had towards you
Not anything we had done

We were never really together
always far apart
But all these years
There has been a space in my heart

For your love and smile
and great personality
I cant belive it
How could this be reality

I always wished
but never thought it would come true
that one day
i would be making love to you

Everytime we fight
It makes me so blue
But know matter what i say
I want you to know I love you

When you look up,
into the star filled sky,
any day I'd surrender
for you I would die.

I promise with the moon
and the stars way above,
I'll dream of you forever,
to only you I send my love.

I'll lye with you forever,
until the sun should burn out-
I want to lie forever,
please never have a doubt.

I make this promise,
and it's intended to keep,
until earth's day
without any peak

I'll be yours,
till the end of life.
I've always dreamed
I'd be your wife.

But life will end
the sun will die
the stars will stop
I'll get up from where we lye..

Love CAN be forever,
and this time it is, and true
because now until forever,
I'll swear that I love you.

I know that I should try to find somebody new..
But all I find is myself always thinking of you..
You dont even know it.. And why should you care?
Your happy just pretending that Im not even there..
Forever means nothing if I dont spend it with you..
But theres just nothing more I think I can do..
I try to tell you I love you but you just dont stop to listen..
Then I guess youll never know that Im the one your missin..
Give me just one minute and look into my eyes..
Forget your friends.. Forget the world.. Forget the pain and lies..
Forget about what people say and what other people might see..
All I want you to think about now is what you think of me..
Cause nothing really matters except for the people you love..
And it kills me inside not knowing what you think when your all Im thinking of..
Maybe I am wrong and you really just dont care..
But why sometimes do you act so sweet if no feelings are accually there..
All I want is for you to tell me exactly how u feel..
Id rather be hurt than keep believeing what you say is real..
Wether you tell me you love me or not this will still be true..
Nothing in this whole damn world could keep me from loving you..

You are my angle
that fly's so high
you are the sun
that lightens the sky

you are my life
the one I hold
you are my warmth
when I am cold

you are my shelter
from the rain
you are my hero
who takes away the pain

you are the one
I love so much
you are the one
I love to touch

you are the one
who will always care
you are the one
who will always be there

you are the light
that brightens my day
you are my path
that shows me the way

you will never leave my heart
no matter what you do
your the one, the only one
and i'm always goin to love you




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