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heyyy people welcome to my thing hehe hope u like it hehe ok byeeeeeeeeeee :) o and if u have any ideas u wanna share lol u know were to im me
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~*love~* is* when* you* can't* sleep* because* you* can't* stop* thinking* about* them* love* is* when* u* cant* talk* cuz* ur* afraid* ur* gonna* say* something* stupid* love* is* when* u* barely* move* cuz* ur* scared* u* will* do* something* dumb* love* is* when* u* stare* at* the* phone* for* hours* hoping* that* they'll* call* love* is* when* the* only* thing* that* makes* u* feel* better* is* there* smile* love* is* when* people* can* say* anything* to* u* or* about* u* and* u* just* dont* care* love* is* when* u* get* online* and* u* sit* there* for* hours* and* wait* for* there* annoying* sound* so* u* can*finnaly* talk* to* them* love* is* when* u* find* someone* that* u* can* tell* everything* and* ur* sure* they* wont* make* fun* of* u* love* is* when* u* can* just* wake* up* have* makeup* running* down* ur* face* from* crying* and* they'll* still* say* ur* beatiful* love* is* when* they* would* do* anything* to* see* u* smile* love* is* when* there* dying* and* the* last* thing* they* want* is* to* hear* ur* voice* one* last* time* love* is* when* every* song* reminds* u* of* them*
Ryan Gosling as Noah and Rachel McAdams as Allie in New Line's The Notebook
^^^love this movie THE NOTEBOOK^^^

CuTe PiCs ThAt I LiKe
^^^ thats the kind of ring i want :} ^^^

HeY PeOpLe ItS MiLeNa HeHeHE,I'm 14 I LiKe To HaVe FuN WiTh My FrIeNdS I’m A ReAl NiCe GiRl If U GeT To KnOw Me I DoNt LiKe It WhEN PeOpLe JuDGe Me WiThOuT KnOwInG Me AnD By ThE WaY I LoOk I LiKe To PlAy BaSkEtBaLl My FaVoRiTe TeAm Is ThE LaKeRs AnD ThE ClIpPeRs .I LiKe To LisTen To RAp,HiP HoP AnD R&b As U AlL KnOw LoL. ByEeEeEeEe
OnLy GoD CaN JuDgE Me
hope u guys enjoyed all the pics and ill try to get more hehe if u got any that u want me to put up here tell im me and show and it will be here ok thanks for wiewing my website :)
װ. Mil װ.

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